Delving Deeper to the Rich RTG History

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Real Time Gaming has proven itself to be one of the most phenomenal software provider today with a meaningful and stunning RTG History that definitely proves to be an inspiring story that's worthy of any wager's time. Many web-based waging establishment today go for the software of RTG because of its stupendous amount of high-quality games, along with the fact that it is one of the few out there today that's actually qualified to serve the gambling needs of US players. With this kind of big advantage, it's definitely no mystery why different establishments swarmed this stunning provider, which definitely contributed a lot to its fame and success today.

The RTG history started when it was established and founded on 1998 on its first base of operations in Atlanta, Georgia. However, due to series of events, the UIGEA law rendered gambling businesses to become very difficult to operate, which even costed some establishments to close down with nowhere else to go. RTG managed to move their base of operations on 2007 to the esteemed place of Costa Rica where it managed to continue to flourish to what it is now today. The reason why it was able to cater to US players is because its owners were changed on 2007 as it was owned by a private organization where it was managed offshore, through the jurisdiction of Netherland Antilles.

There are heaps of games available in the software. You can pretty much find famous titles in all waging categories you can think of, which is enough for players to look for it whenever they encounter a new site. You'll encounter a total of over 150 games on their library, with some standard, classic and modern titles which you'll surely love. They have table games like Pontoon and other Blackjack variations, Table Poker Variants, over 100 slot games like Aztec Treasure and a whole lot more.

There have been few controversies known within the provider wherein some were never solved. Though this may put some doubts on players, one thing for sure is that RTG history makes it clear that it is trustworthy and reliable - you just have to pick the right casino to play at.